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Fluoxetine Online

Fluoxetine's spectrum of action relates to antidepressants that combines timoanaleptic and stimulating actions. Furthermore, it causes obsessive-compulsive disorders' reduction. Improves mood, reduces stress and fear, eliminates dysphoria. Fluoxetin contribute appetite's decreasing and may lead to a decrease in body's weight.
It doesn't cause sedation.
Fluoxetin practically doesn't affect body's vital systems, including the cardiovascular.
Stable clinical effect appears after 2 weeks of drug's regular intake and lasts for a few weeks after its cancellation.

Depression of various origins;
Bulimia nervosa, bulimic neurosis;
Obsessive-compulsive disorders;
In the complex treatment of alcoholism.

Dosage and administration:
Inside, at any time, regardless of the mealtimes.
Depression: Initial daily dose of 20 mg is taken regardless of the mealtimes at the morning. The dose increasing ( 20 mg a week ) should reach maximum of 40-60 mg per day if it's necessary and should be taken into 2-3 receptions. The maximum daily dose shouldn't exceed 80 mg and is taken in 2-3 receptions.
Clinical effect develops within 1-2 weeks after treatment, for some patients effect is achieved later.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder: The recommended daily dose consists from 20-60 mg of fluoxetine.
Bulimic neurosis: Daily dose of 60 mg taken in 2-3 receptions.
Treatment dose for elderly patients should start with 20 mg per day.